‘Twas a struggle being in Antigua away from him this summer. Two months was a tad bit too much. Although I enjoyed my time there, I missed him every single day.

And to make it worse the communication was shit! 😷 And if that wasn’t bad enough we argued almost every single day, even up to the day I was returning. Yes… The distance got to us both…terribly.

Sometimes I’m not sure that I am deserving of the love that he has for me and the kindness that he shows to me almost everyday. It becomes a little annoying actually… The fact that he loves me way more than I seem to understand. I wish I understood it. Maybe one day.

At the moment we aren’t on best of terms and it is absolutely my fault. I think most of the fights that we will have is going to be because of my lack of understanding him. I see me in him sometimes…. And its scary as hell at times.

I hope that now that I’m back everything will soon be smooth sailing… Eventually. 😓

Yes, I dread ever losing him but I hope that I won’t have to lose myself in attempts of making that not happen.

💕We fall in love by chance, we stay in love by choice💕


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