Day four: Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Putting aside the fact that this post is a day late. Procrastination has been at its best this week. Well…. here goes.

Acting and writing have always seemed like what I should be ding with my life. I don’t know if it’s because of my reflex to give up on something/ putting it to the side for a while (a long while) after being… not even a quarter way into making it something or if I’m just down right lazy. Whatever it is, it is excruciatingly annoying. I have not been inspired enough lately to fuel my imagination and will power to do the things that I used to find pleasure in. I have no idea where that motivation has gone but it needs to find its ass back home because I’m seriously creatively dying. And that actually hurts. I don’t want to just… be. There’s more to my life than that. There has to be.

I’m suppose to be writing this to captivate the audience that I intended this blog for. Truth be told, they are all out there finding their lives, making something of themselves and are almost pretty sure of who they are and what their future hold for them. We all graduated from high school in the same year yet I am no where close to having the young adult life and perks that I would love to have. Who could blame them though? Why should they make time to read about how sad my life seems to be when they should be worrying about themselves? I once thought it would be forever but nothing really does last that long. Hmm. How proud of them I am.

So since none of them will be reading this post I should just make this out to the few readers that I’ve gained over the past few days. Thank you guys for actually reading some of my posts and comments are very much welcomed. All of you are amazing writers and I’ve enjoyed reading the few posts that I have read over the past few day. I think I have found a group that will inspire my writing very soon and I also thank you all for that. Continue you being the amazing writers that you are.

I intend to post some pieces of my writing to have you critique a bit and maybe, if it isn’t too much trouble, have you give pointers as to how I could make my writing better.

Well that’s all my brain can conjure up for now. That laziness is kicking in again. And besides, I need to start packing any way. Maybe I will tell you guys about how bittersweet it is to be going back home to my family and leaving my boyfriend for an entire month. Tragic really… Gosh O.O

Toodles for now.

Much love,

Dri 🙂


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