A Day In The Life… Leave Your Expectations At The Door

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I started writing what should’ve been a blog post about a month ago. Maybe it is a little more than that but back to the point. It was supposed to be about time management and the steps to go about achieving a more successful and productive, less bummy day. The idea seemed cool and exciting at the time but it felt like a waste to write because I wasn’t staying true to the words. Why in hell would I post something that I find sooooo hard to practice? Of course, I wish I could stick to those step, maybe even start with one at least but that isn’t the case right now. Continue reading


And I am back… 😇

This summer…. Woooo boy this summer. It was something else. It really was. A lot of unexpected experiences occurred, some of which I am grateful for and others which were just… But these things we do not control right?

Losing my grandmother and having to deal with a bunch of family matters really opened my eyes to a different side of my family. A side which I am not very proud… A side that I’m not proud of at all. They defy the definition of “family” or at least what I always thought the definition to be. It bewilders me that at the end of the day they say that what they said, done and are doing are for the sake of “family”. Baffoonary!!!

Anyways, I met Eddy!!! 🙂 and Cookie 😉

This summer all in all wasn’t really as bad as last year. It was less stressful and I had way more fun than I had anticipated. I even recorded a song! *yay me*

Something else that my eyes were opened to is that I’m still as confused about myself as I’ve ever been. Well maybe a little better than I originally was but confused and unsatisfied none the less. I hate that. It can’t be like this next year. At least by the end of this year, I hope to see change. I plan to work towards it.

I basically missed my entire blogging 101 course because I hardly had internet access and when I did… Lawwwd the speed na min all that. Sigh. I hope to catch it next time around.

I’m not sure what else to write about right now. I’m just tired of laying like this because I’m posting this from my phone. Next time I’ll tell you guys about my actual fetting and drama from being back hone this summer. :D😂:?😎😧😋😍😜😩:roll:😁 <—— listen to the emojis.

Till next time! Toodles!! 🙂

It is a sad day right now. Although I’m excited to see my family I don’t feel like I’m ready to go leave my other half for so long just yet. It is slightly depressing know that there will be no physical contact (its not always about sex) and very limited virtual contact. The struggle!! Anyways, as for my blogging 101 assignments.Those might be put on hold for a while due ttek the fact that I may not have much internet access during my visit back home. Ugh!


Toodles for now!

Fear Controls Us.

The New Wave

As you can see from some of my other post I am a big fan of quotes. And a quote I keep in my mind is from Will Smith, he says “Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me danger is very real. But fear is a choice.” We all fear something from heights to failing. Some things are easier to get over such as exterior things (i.e. roller coasters, dogs, heights, or spiders). While some things are tougher to get past such as interior things (i.e. failure, success, rejection, or commitment). I personally have a fear of roller coasters. I do not know why I am scared to ride a roller coaster. I have never been on one to know if it is scary. This is where the quote makes sense. I created this thing in my mind that tells me…

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“Day One”

In a nutshell.


Why did I start this blog instead of keeping a journal? I like this question. I think I hoped by starting this blog that I would eventually get people to read about the “problems” in my life and be able to relate to them, to be able to get comments and feedback. I realize I have friends; but I guess I was hoping for unbiased and completely honest comments from people who don’t know me personally. I also feel like I started this blog in hopes to organize the chaotic mess that is my mind. I guess I just hope that one day people will look forward to when I posts little snippets about my life and the feelings that go along with it.


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